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Everything Important You Need To Know About A RN Salary

Many people make a very good living on a Registered Nurse Salary. Nurses enjoy good pay, but deserve every penny of it as they have a great responsibility in the jobs they do. Day in and day out, we entrust them with our health and well being. This makes being a nurse more than just a job, its heart and soul and years of training to be a professional and have a warm bedside manner.

Nursing Certifications and education requirements are different depending on what where you live and work. As with most professionals, educational requirements are important for those looking to enter the nursing field. What sets the great nurses apart from everyone else is the compassion for others, the level of detail they employ while caring for others, and the ability to make anyone feel comfortable even during the most trying of situations.

Within the whole health care sector, nursing is the largest growing profession. Dating back only a couple of years, we were approaching almost three million nurses in our system nationwide. The country still needs more nurses. Baby Boomers will be needing more health care as they move into their senior years. It goes without saying that nurses will be among the most needed to provide the necessary care. It is simple common sense to see that this profession is still growing and will be in need of many qualified workers for a long time to come.

Statistics show that the expected growth rate for nurses will be north of twenty percent over the next ten years. Therefore, by 2018 this country will need in excess of half a million additional nurses on staff. This should be viewed in a positive light for those who wish to enter the health care field. Whether your considering a new career or entering the workforce for the first time, if you put in the time and effort, this move will prove rewarding in an economy that has increasing unemployment.

BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) state that the salary range for RN's is 43,000 up to about 93,000. The largest amount of registered nurses work in the general medical field and surgical hospitals. Nurses working in hospitals can expect to earn an average of about 67,000 per year.

After the general medical and hospital surgical nurses are the nurses that work in doctors offices. Working in private practice can have its reward, and as far as salary is concerned, the earning power is about the same as hospital nurses at about 67,000. RN's that provide care in the home health care end of the business will earn 63,000 per year on average. This may come as a surprise, but the nurses who chose to work in nursing homes will make the lower end of salaries at an average of 59,000 per year. If you're interested in outpatient care, you can earn an average salary of 65,000.

These income levels are very good and most people can live quite nicely. Yet there are other sectors inside the health care business that still offer larger salaries. Equipment and supplies can be quite interesting and has great earning power at an average annual salary of over 77,000. If you go the Federal Government route, you can earn almost 80,000 per year within the executive branch.

Even though new nurses are being hired every day, the need will continue to grow into the future. Depending on where you live, certain areas are in dire need for qualified nurses. If you have been contemplating the nursing career, there is no time like the present. Those who have a heart for others and a dedication to quality and details will benefit from this nursing boom.

Although the duties are somewhat alike, an RN salary is typically higher than that of other nursing positions. An LPN needs a lesser degree of education and certification.

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