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Nursing School In New York:Healthcare Schools Offer Options in New York City Nursing, Allied Health Training

So, you want to go to one of the top nursing schools, take up nursing and be a well paid and steady employed nurse years from now? To achieve this and more, you have to scout for the top nursing schools that could give you the best level of education. You go here and there to look for top nursing degree programs such as Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), Registered Nurse (RN), Bachelor nursing programs, Masters nursing degree programs, nursing license and other specialty nursing areas like that of the certified nurse midwife programs. Put an end to that search... All over the world, University of Phoenix, Walden University, Sanford-Brown College, and Bethel University are the most well known and top nursing schools.

The first step to getting a nursing job in New York is to get your education. Depending on what kind of nurse you choose to be, you will need between one and four years of education. The more education you have, the higher your salary will be. There are plenty of nursing schools in New York to choose from. You can find one in your area, or re-locate to another part of the state to attend one that you prefer instead.

The experience gap: Addressed by healthcare program internships. New York City is a tough, competitive job market - witness the huge numbers of liberal arts grads working as baristas or waiters. Sources as varied as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Penn State University, and The Guardian report that in today's job market, education - and nothing but - is old hat. Employers want demonstrable, real-world experience, too. A healthcare program dedicated to the training of allied health professionals like nursing aids and dental technicians typically offers professional externships in the student's field of study. For example, an aspiring dental technician might spend hours assisting chair-side in a private dental practice - or, a budding nursing assistant might clock in some hands-on work hours at the New York Presbyterian Hospital. This type of experience is career-focused, and can be put on a future job seeker's resume.

Many four-year colleges put an emphasis on a liberal arts education. What this means is that the academic programs demand exposure to many areas of human thought and achievement: science, mathematics, arts, languages, philosophy, and so on. So, a student might leave a four-year Ivy League school knowing Nietzsche backwards and forwards, but he or she can't apply that skill to a specific career. Healthcare programs that focus on allied health careers - the catch-all term for jobs like nursing assistant, dental technician, and medical biller and coder - typically offer only courses that are relevant to the student's eventual career. This saves the student time, and money. And, the hands-on skills taught in allied health care programs can't be had just by going to the library, attending lecture, or studying texts. They must be practiced in real life settings before the student signs his or her first employment contract.

If you've skipped the internship portion, then you might have a little more trouble finding a job. But if you put in your time scouring the newspaper and internet, you should be settled into a great New York nursing career in no time.

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