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Requirements for CNA and LPN Programs

Some degree programs offer you to advance your profession from CNA to LPN. These classes are provided as part of practical nursing programs. Such programs might not be available at all schools or institutes that provide other nursing programs. There are couple of programs that need candidates to become CNAs before admission. If you're a new in healthcare field you can select CNA prior to LPN. Such programs are provided at community schools, online programs, vocational colleges and free CNA classes.


Candidates for these programs should have GED or a high school diploma and be CNA or aide. Programs might need students to go through a background check before admission. There are many competitions to attend CNA-LPN programs as very few number of spaces are available. CNAs might need to have a minimum of 1 year of work experience in order to be considered for certain programs. Students might need to have CPR certification to gain admission.

Description of the Program

LPN programs generally take a year to finish. Students will attend classroom sessions and acquire clinical experience in real-world settings. Normally practical nursing programs don't need college degree. LPN programs are available in lots of vocational and community schools in all states.

To finish LPN program, you need to concentrate on a number of courses. Such programs might consist of broad selection of online programs. The theoretical sections may be finished online however, you should attend health care settings to attend practical sessions. Such programs prepare you to pass LPN licensure examination. LPNs are, after all, more hands on now with patients than those with simply certifications in nursing assistance and the likes.


After finishing the program, you have to pass NCLEX-PN examination to be legally qualified to work as a LPN. The NCLEX-PN, which tests candidates on nursing abilities and knowledge, is provided by the National Council State Boards of Nursing. Additional licensing requirements within individual states might need to be met also. To renew your license, you have to complete a number of continuing education. Such continuing education assist professionals to maintain their skill level. After obtaining license, you might also prepare for RN degree while operating as a LPN.

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